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Honours and Awards

Some Notable Honours and Awards to the Faculty members:
  • Dr. Surajit Sarkar has been given the ‘Excellence Awards for In-service Teachers (below 45 years age)- 2019’ by University of Delhi.

  • Prof. Deepak Pental was given the Mahindra Lifetime Achievement Award in Agriculture for the year 2018.

  • Prof. Rajam is a member of the National Advisory Board of the ‘Sir Richard Roberts Centre for Genetically Modified Organisms’, Amity University since 2017.

  • Dr. Sarkar was awarded the DBT- Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award -2017 (IYBA-2017).

  • Dr. Srivastava is an Elected member, National Academy of Medical Sciences since 2017.

  • The INSA Teachers Award 2017 was awarded to Prof. Burma.

  • Steward Memorial Lecture, PTCA 2015 was awarded to Prof. Rajam.

  • Sunder Lal Hora Medal, INSA, 2014 was awarded to Prof. Thelma.

  • Prof. Thelma served as a Member, Scientific Advisory Committee to Prime Minister for the duration 2009-2014.

  • The SERB Women’s Excellence in science research award was awarded to Dr. Srivastava in 2013.

  • Prof. Pradhan has been a Member of GEAC (Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee), Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt of India since 2013.

  • Stree Shakti Science Samman, 2012 was awarded to Prof. Thelma.

  • Prof. Thelma has the distinction of being a JC Bose Fellow since 2011.

  • Award of ‘Shiksha Rattan Puraskar’ by the India International Friendship Society, Delhi 2011, awarded to Prof. Rajam.

  • The INSA young scientist medal award of 2010 in the field of Medical Sciences was awarded to Dr. Srivastava.

  • Dr. Surajit Sarkar was awarded the BOYSCAST Fellowship (2009-10), Department of Science and Technology (DST)

  • Prof. Thelma is an elected member of the prestigious Guha Research Conference since 2002..

  • Prof. Pradhan has served as a Member of the Task Force for Agricultural Biotechnology, DBT, Govt. of India.

  • Dr. Datta serves as a selection committee member of the DBT RA/SRF fellowship.

  • Prof. Burma serves as a member of the Academic team for Indian Junior Science Olympiad and the International Biology Olympiad.

  • Fogarty International Research Career Award from University of Pittsburgh, USA was awarded to Prof. Thelma in 1997.