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Prof. Deepak Pental (Superannuated)


Prof. Deepak Pental is recognized as the architect of the Department of Genetics. On joining the department in 1993, at a time when the department was housed in a few rooms in Arts faculty, he spearheaded the effort to develop the infrastructure and build the new laboratories in the Bachchawat block ensuring that all members of the department had functional laboratories to peacefully pursue their research goals. His efforts at institutional building continued as a Director of South Campus and later as the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University developing the Biotech Centre, along with the extension of life sciences block with facilities at par with best of the institutes in the country. He helped develop the coveted Central Instrumentation Facility at South Campus, on a public-private partnership model, which has been emulated by several other institutes across the country.

On the academic front he strongly believed that research should lead to useful products and was one of the first to involve industry in ongoing research in the department. With grants from National Dairy Development Board and later from its sister concern Dhara Vegetable Oil and Foods Company Limited, he established the Centre for Genetic Manipulation of Crop Plants (CGMCP) working on improvement of mustard. From work done in the department and at CGMCP, a mustard hybrid, DMH1 with improved yield reached the farmers field. Under his untiring leadership another mustard hybrid DMH11 developed based on transgenic approach, has been cleared by GEAC, a first for any university in the country and is currently awaiting commercial release by the government. Through these pursuits he also trained several doctoral and post-doctoral students who are now independent researchers. Though a plant biotechnologist, he loves the area of evolutionary biology and even after his superannuation he continues to teach the Master’s students a course on Evolutionary Genetics. He has been a great source of inspiration for students and colleagues alike. He has received several recognitions and awards for institution building and academic excellence, the most recent being the Mahindra Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award in Agriculture in 2018.


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