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The two-year post-graduate (M.Sc.) program and the M.Phil/Ph.D. program offered by the department are based on this strong foundation of research. The department enjoys a unique strength of having teaching faculty with research specialization using a range of model systems such as Drosophila, Arabidopsis, Yeast, Dictyostelium, and human induced pluripotent stem cells. The M.Sc. program is open to students with Bachelor’s degree in any area of science (biological/chemical/physical) through a national level entrance test. The curriculum spread over four semesters, aims at teaching not only the basics of the science of heredity but also emerging concepts in almost all related disciplines of biology. Another distinct feature of this course is the hands-on-training imparted to the students. Emphasis is given to laboratory based learning including a small project work during the fourth semester wherein students are encouraged to conceptualize, design and perform experiments to answer a basic question related to their respective mentors’ research programme, trouble shoot, interpret their data, write a report and also give an oral presentation at the end of the semester. The approach of a restrictive practical performed in a narrow time-frame is not supported, thus giving all students an opportunity to hone their skills across semesters.

The department has just initiated a one-year program in M.Phil. in Genetics for candidates curious to understand the nuances of research before starting on a Ph.D. Students with Master’s degree in any area of sciences with an aptitude to work in the broad research programs of the department are selected for the M.Phil/Ph.D program based on a national level entrance test/interview and have to complete a 12 credit course before they can proceed with their experimental work. M.Phil course culminates with the completion of a short project work followed by a viva-voce examination, while Ph.D work generally spans over five to six years followed by a rigorous thesis defense and viva-voce examination.

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