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Aug 15, 2021
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Dec 18, 2020
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Online Teaching Schedule Semester IV (2021)

CMS - 2.2.10 - Spuzzum



Department of Genetics was established in 1984, as a part of the Faculty of Inter-disciplinary & Applied Sciences at the University of Delhi South Campus. In its brief period of existence the department has developed into an advanced centre of study in Genetics recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under their Special Assistance Programme (DRS-III) and Department of Science & Technology under their FIST programme (Level 2) and DU-DST PURSE programme (Phase II). Two of the faculties also have Centers of Excellence supported by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India. The department over the years has emerged as a strong hub for training students and for pursuing quality research in two broad areas of food and health, both with significant societal impact.

Research is an integral part of the departmental academic activity. Research programs of the faculty using cutting edge technology are focused on basic aspects of genetics, genomics and molecular biology with direct implications for crop improvement and health/disease. Specific projects under the plant sciences include high resolution mapping and marker assisted breeding in mustard; development of pathogen and pest resistant food crops using RNAi technology; understanding plant-pathogen interactions using conventional and contemporary OMICS approaches in Arabidopsis and Tobacco; and unraveling promoter architecture for regulation of transgene expression in plants. Biomedical research projects include discovery of putative disease causal genes in common genetic disorders such as intellectual disability, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis etc using informative families and next generation sequencing technologies and their functional characterization providing leads for novel therapeutics; determining molecular mechanisms underlying cellular toxicity and polyQ induced neurodegeneration in Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases using Drosophila as a model system; and epigenetic and molecular mechanisms in cancer stemness, progression and therapy in gliomas and lung cancer. Ongoing projects on understanding cell signaling in stress and development with Dictyostelium as a test system; and mitochondrial genetics and ribosomal biology using yeast provide insights into important basic biological processes.

Ph.D/ M.Phil (Genetics) Admission -2021 

Brief Guidelines: M.Sc. (Genetics) Admission-2021


Guidance for the students

During this unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown period, the faculty members are trying their best to ensure the continuation of the teaching-learning process to the maximum possible. Teachers are periodically taking online classes and sharing the relevant e-reading materials with the students and making themselves always available for addressing the academic queries using the available means. Further, it is suggested to all the Ph.D/M.Phil students to utilize their time in reading relevant literature, reviewing their research, and online research related discussion with their colleagues and mentors. As per the university guidelines, online classes for newly admitted M.Sc. (Genetics) Semester I and IV students would commence from 14.12.2020 and 04.01.2021, respectively. Accordingly, M.Sc. Sem. I and Sem. IV students may find the schedule for online classes Here.

Further, the students are advised to periodically visit the University and Departmental websites for the latest updates.

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